The Play-By-Post Server for 5e D&D

Macguffins, Ltd.

Come together to...

Learn, play, and tell stories.

At Macguffins, Ltd. we strive to create a welcoming play by post environment that enables all of our members to explore and learn all aspects of D&D, while telling diverse and interesting stories. We believe in a cooperative gaming experience where players and DMs work together to create an experience they all enjoy.

We created this server to...

Enjoy 5e D&D anywhere, anytime.

We host homebrew quests, campaigns and server-wide roleplaying opportunities under a loose, shared setting. This is a magical place where pretty much whatever you want to see happen can, and will happen! Want to sail a pirate ship? It’s happened! Want to go to a different dimension? Done! Want to explore an ancient underground temple to rescue innocents from evil forces? Done!

It's easy to...

Just get started.

Joining a new server can be intimidating! You don’t know the rules, you don’t know what is found where, and (possibly) you don’t know how Discord (and Avrae) interact with D&D, or how a Post by Post (PbP) server works. We have been there, and our team will love to share some thoughts on how and where to begin!

What to Expect

  • A community over 3 years old and more than 120 strong of friendly and welcoming players

  • Over 35 talented DMs launching new quests every other week

  • 30+ volunteers and helpers to assist new and veteran players

  • A team of mentors to help prospective DMs learn how to run their own game

Need a little more?